World Cup 2030 Stadiums: Spain–Portugal-Morocco bid Sélection

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The situation in the football world is constantly changing. Alliances are formed, which are then broken, and so on and so forth. Not long ago, we prepared a presentation on our channel of the bid of the Iberian countries joined by Ukraine, as well as the candidacy of Morocco to host the 2030 World Cup. But we have just learned that Ukraine has dropped out of the race, and Spain and Portugal have decided to join forces with Morocco and work together to earn the right to host the tournament. This has caused a slight rearrangement in the stadium map of this candidacy. Naturally, this caused a slight reshuffling of the stadium map of this candidacy. Portugal was left with 3 stadiums, but Spain had to share with the African country and the number of football arenas was reduced to 7 instead of 11 as previously established. It is mainly the smaller cities that have missed out on this opportunity. Morocco also presented 7 stadiums. 

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